Super simple soft tacos, open-faced (1 serving; repeat for as many tacos as desired)

1 tsp oil (olive is tastiest)
One 12 inch (or 2 6 inch) flour, corn, or mixed tortilla
3 Tbsp re-fried or other cooked beans
2 Tbsp grated cheese
1/3 cup shredded cabbage or lettuce or southwestern coleslaw (see Salads chapter for this coleslaw) or kale sautéed with garlic (if using the sautéed greens option, which is quite flavorful, can even skip chili sauce)
1 Tbsp raw chopped onions or green onions or lightly sautéed onion
green or red chili sauce or salsa to taste (see chili sauce recipe on next page)

Light sour cream/yogurt, or guacamole, cilantro, tomato rice, etc. are nice optional accompaniments
The simplest method is to warm up beans and tortillas in the microwave and then top with other ingredients and cheese (how veggie tacos are assembled in Taco Vans). You could even serve all the ingredients warmed up in separate bowls along with a stack of warm tortillas and have people assemble their own tacos at the table.

If you prefer the stovetop, or if your tortillas are a bit brittle or lack interesting flavor, here’s a second option: In a lightly oiled frying pan heat the tortilla and layer beans, cheese, and sauce on top. Once the cheese is fully melted, place the taco on a serving dish and pile on the rest of the ingredients. When making multiple servings, to speed things up, you may wish to use the microwave or multiple frying pans to warms things up.


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